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Papa Johns London Docklands - Better Pizza, Better Ingredients made from 100% fresh dough

If you've got the appetite for the freshest, most delicious pizza made with the best selection of altogether better ingredients then you couldn't be living in a better place than Docklands. Let your local Papa John's cook you the tastiest takeout pizza you'll ever eat in Docklands or anywhere else for that matter! Take a look at the great value deals on our easy-to-use online menu and order now for fast free delivery.

The Docklands in medieval times used to be small quays where ships docked; this area was once known as ‘The Pool of London'. However, docking at the quays gave no protection against the elements and ships were vulnerable to thieves. In 1696 the Howland Great Dock was built and designed to solve these problems, providing secure, large and sheltered docking. During the Second World War, the docks were greatly damaged due to German bombing. Between 1960 and 1980 all of London's docks were closed and left derelict. Efforts then began to re-develop the Docklands and now it is a home and business place for many people.

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257-259 East India Dock Road, Docklands, E14 0EG

0207 537 7077


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