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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about finding your local Papa Johns stores? Check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions below, or contact your nearest store who'll be happy to help.

How many stores does Papa Johns have in the UK?
Papa Johns has over 400 stores in the UK, with stores in England, Wales and Scotland. All of out stores operate as pizza takeaways, offering both delivery and collection. Enter your town name or postcode into the store finder above to find your nearest store.
Why do I need to enter my postcode to find my nearest Papa Johns store?
Papa Johns offers delivery to a selected set of postcodes around our stores. By entering your postcode we can ensure that we direct you to the correct store for your location. If you are ordering for collection then enter your postcode to find the three nearest stores to you.
Why isn’t my local store showing on the website or app?
Our website and app display all currently available stores. Occasionally a store may have to make itself unavailable due to an unforeseen maintenance, training, or to allow us to make upgrades to equipment.
How can I find the phone number for my local Papa Johns store?
To start, enter your town name or postcode into the store finder above to find your nearest stores phone number. If you have already ordered then you can find the number in your order confirmation email or on the track your order page.

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