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Papa Johns Dartford - Better Pizza, Better Ingredients made from 100% fresh dough

If you've got the appetite for the freshest, most delicious pizza made with the best selection of altogether better ingredients then you couldn't be living in a better place than Dartford. Let your local Papa John's cook you the tastiest takeout pizza you'll ever eat in Dartford or anywhere else for that matter! Take a look at the great value deals on our easy-to-use online menu and order now for fast free delivery.

During the medieval period Dartford was an important spot for pilgrims and travellers on their way to Canterbury and various religious orders began to develop in the area. Two hospitals were set up and Dartford began to become a small but important market town. The earliest industries in Dartford were those associated with agriculture which included the brewing of traditional beers and ales. The first paper mill in England was then set up in Dartford in 1588 and soon became a source for local employment. Flour milling and the manufacturing of cement were also big industries.

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4 Westgate House, Spital Street, Dartford, DA1 2EH

01322 290222


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