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Papa Johns Basildon - Southernhay - Better Pizza, Better Ingredients made from 100% fresh dough

If you're looking for fresh, quality pizza then Basildon is the place to be. Using fresh and quality ingredients has been the foundation of Papa Johns for years, and we believe that better ingredients make better pizzas. Take a look at our menu for a selection of delicious pizzas and side dishes, you can also check out our great deals online. While at your computer why not visit Papa's Lounge where you can have fun and save money on your order, you can even rate your pizza! You can order online to pick up in store or have your favourite pizza delivered. And while enjoying your pizza you can learn a thing or two about Basildon.

Basildon, deservedly or not, receives the brunt of the 'Essex' mockery due to the apparent lower than average intelligence of the inhabitants, shorter than average skirt and higher than average heels. In an attempt to boost their economy, Basildon saved up and built the first inside shopping centre in the area. Just as the town was starting to feel a bit better about itself, Lakeside was built 10 miles down the road and Basildon's shopping mall experienced a rapid decline, paling into insignificance against the bigger shinier new development. Never mind though...the town is still the proud home to Europe's first glass bell tower in St. Martin's Church. The residents enjoy a peaceful life as the bell can not be rung just in case it smashes the glass.

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10 Southernhay, Basildon, SS14 1EL

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