Sides, drinks and desserts:

What goes well with pizza?

Sides, drinks and desserts: What goes well with pizza?

What's the one thing better than a takeaway pizza?

How about a takeaway pizza with the ideal combination of sides, drinks and dessert?

While a pizza on its own is enough of a takeaway delight, pairing it with the best possible side options can elevate the experience even further. Whether you're aiming for a burst of freshness, a spicy bite, or something sweet, we’re here to take you through the perfect companions to your perfect slice.

What sides go well with pizza?

Pizza combines well with so many different side dishes. Here are some of the best:

Garlic sticks

While it may seem like a bit of an unnecessary double-up for some, combining another breaded item with pizza can actually pair brilliantly when it’s a good garlic bread.

At Papa Johns, we have a range of options, from our famous garlic dough bites to our garlic cheese sticks.

Cheesy potato tots with bacon

Forgive us for homing in on a couple of specific Papa Johns sides from this point on, but we do believe we have some of the best side dishes in the world, so we’re sure you’ll enjoy the recommendations.

Our cheesy potato tots with bacon tots strike the perfect balance between the three items. They pair the fluffy potato in the tots with the indulgence of melted mozzarella and crispy bacon bits, not to mention an accompanying dip. We also do a vegan option, with the tots topped with vegan Sheese, as well as jalapenos if you want a bit of spice.

Hot piri piri chicken poppers

Continuing down the spicy route, piri piri chicken poppers can turn up the temperature for those looking to really heat things up.

At Papa Johns, our hot piri piri chicken poppers offer a burst of spicy and tangy flavour with every bite, the succulent chicken perfectly seasoned with tangy piri piri sauce, a truly delightful dose of heat for your dining experience.

Garlic Sticks


What drinks go well with pizza?

It’s important to have a good drink to go with your pizza and sides, after all, nobody wants to be parched while enjoying their favourite meal. Here are a few options to consider:

What soft drinks go well with pizza?

There are no end of soft drinks to pair with pizza, but we always stock a couple of classic favourites that have never let us down, namely Pepsi Max and Orange Tango.

What beer goes well with pizza?

For those looking to add the tastes of a refreshing beer to wash down their pizza and sides, general consensus is that a pale ale is a good choice, for example an amber ale.

A wine to go with pizza

There are countless wine options, and everyone will have a personal favourite, but the accepted wisdom is that a white wine suits a “white pizza”, or “pizza bianca” as it’s more often known.

For a traditional tomato sauce base, most go with a dry rosé or a light red, especially when paired with a meat pizza.

A cocktail to go with pizza

A popular option for cocktail-loving pizza enthusiasts is a Negroni. The cocktail itself combines bitter and sweet beautifully with its combination of gin, sweet vermouth, and Campari, but when paired with a good pizza? It’s near perfection.


Which desserts go well with pizza?

There are so many great dessert options to consider, but we’ll keep it to just the very best. When it comes to the ideal dessert with pizza, there are three classic options.


When we say cookies, we don’t mean the packets of biscuits that you get in the local supermarket, as tasty as they can be.

No, we’re talking doughy, melt-in-your mouth cookies, and here at Papa Johns, we serve up an eight-slice giant choc chip cookie that arrives warm and gooey.


Similarly to cookies, you’re going to want your pizza-accompanying brownies as warm and doughy as possible.

Thankfully, our giant double chocolate brownie is as warm and doughy as they come.

Ice cream

There’s not a lot we have to say when it comes to ice cream, it’s pretty much undefeated as a beloved dessert option, and pairs perfectly with pizza.

We don’t settle for anything less than the best, so of course we stock Ben & Jerry’s, and to continue the cookie and brownie theme, we offer their famous cookie dough and chocolate fudge brownie varieties.

We stock both of those options in two sizes, and we also stock the non-dairy cookies on cookie dough option for our vegan customers.

Chicken Potato Tots

Enjoy our full range of sides, drinks and desserts  

Now you’ve got some ideas for exactly what to pair with your takeaway pizza, all that’s left to do is get a slice of the action. Which options will you go for?

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