What Papa Johns Dips Are Vegan?


The question on everyone’s lips this month is ‘What Papa Johns dips are vegan?

The answer is quite simple… ALL OF THEM!

Yes that is right, you heard it here first. All of the Papa Johns dips are vegan and ready to be enjoyed.

So whether you are a massive fan of our Special Garlic dip or like to mix things up by turning up the heat with our Hot Buffalo dip, you can! No restrictions here at Papa Johns.

Papa Johns Vegan Dips

Just so we are extremely clear, the following dips are Vegan:

  • Special Garlic Dip Pot
  • Tomato & Herb Dip Pot
  • BBQ Dip Pot
  • Hot Buffalo Dip Pot
  • Garlic and Herb Dip Pot

This would be ALL of them!

Looking to enjoy some ‘Not-chicken’ Vegan bites, enjoy with a tomato and herb dip pot.

Fancy some vegan cheese potato tots? Of course you do! Dip those bad boys in our BBQ dip pot.

Want to mix it up? Give our Cauliflower Wings with the hot buffalo sauce dip pot a try! Can you handle the heat?

Having your favourite Vegan pizza for dinner? Obviously! Dip that crust into our Special Garlic sauce or perhaps switch it up with our Garlic and Herb because, let’s be honest, it’s the best around.

pizza slice being lifted out of box

*Unfortunately, our Garlic Bread Spread is not suitable for vegans but is still suitable for the vegetarians!

Take a look at the Papa Johns vegan menu items for more inspiration. Take advantage of one of our amazing pizza deals while you’re there!

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