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weightwatchers chicken papadia

Want to be healthy and still enjoy pizza? Now you can with our brand new Papadias.

Approved by Weight Watchers, we bring you TWO new Papadias, Fajita Chicken and Mediterranean Veg & Feta! The two new flavours answer all your prayers. With WeightWatchers, nothing is off limits, and these two new additions provide a fabulous option for a weekend take-away or mid-week treat! (Jumps for Joy)

Made with freshly rolled Papa Johns dough, and filled with grilled chicken, mozzarella, peppers, red chilli, tomatoes and spices, the delicious Fajita Chicken Papadia is just 16 Weight Watchers Personal Points®

Vegetarians looking to indulge can enjoy the Mediterranean Veg & Feta Papadia, filled with tomato pizza sauce, feta, tomatoes, onions, peppers and black olives. At just 17 Weight Watchers Personal Points®

Both packed with healthy ingredients making them the perfect meal option for pizza lovers.

As well as being a part of the WeightWatchers Personal Points programme, they are both under 650kcals. Making them, a healthy lunch option or alternative to pizza. Healthy meals just got a whole lot tastier.

These new items follow the five Papadias that successfully launched earlier this year. Made with freshly rolled dough, the pizza-sandwich hybrid offers pizza fans a lighter lunchtime option, available in the following varieties:

  • Philly Cheesesteak Papadia with steak, onion, green peppers, cheese and ranch sauce
  • Philly Mushroom Papadia with mushrooms, onion, green peppers, cheese and ranch sauce
  • BBQ Chicken & BBQ Papadia with grilled chicken, BBQ sauce, bacon, onion and cheese
  • Italian Sausage & Pepperoni Papadia with tomato pizza sauce, spicy Italian sausage, pepperoni, jalapeños and cheese
  • Vegan Philly Mushroom Papadia with mushrooms, onion, green peppers, vegan cheese and ranch sauce
weightwatchers vegetable papadia

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