Papa Johns 'Bored Games'


Looking for fun things to do this summer? Look no further. Whether you’re a family going out and about, a couple sitting down to film or a group of friends wanting to mix up your games night, we have a selection of ‘bored’ games and fun activities just for you!

During COVID we launched a series of classic ‘Bored Games’ as an alternative way to keep Brits entertained.

Board games to print

Injecting a bit of pizza fun into every day life, the well-loved and familiar board games will be sure to trigger those nostalgic fuzzy feelings and help to keep boredom at bay.

From turning the classic games of Snakes and Ladders and Battleships into something cheesier, there’s something for every pizza aficionado to get involved in.

These five Bored Games have been designed to be printed and stuck onto used Papa Johns pizza boxes. Available to download via the links below, Papa Johns Bored Games include:

  • Dips and Rides: A take on the infamous Snakes & Ladders. The aim of the game is to try and hitch a ride with a Papa John’s delivery driver and avoid the dip spillages. Players must provide a dice.
  • Battleslices: To get mouths watering players need to try and steal as many slices as possible, there are no ships in sight here.
  • Papas Penalties: Football crazy, pizza mad? Papa Johns has created a pizza inspired football pitch where players need to flick a makeshift ball into the back of the net. May the best slicer win!
  • Papas Pizza Match: Pizzas, sides, and desserts – a match made in heaven. Players need to pair up as many images as possible to win.
  • Pizza Darts : Hit the pepperoni and pepper targets with perfect precision with this pizza inspired dartboard. Players must provide the darts.

What are you waiting for? To grab a slice of the action simply click, print and stick for hours of board game fun!

papa johns bored games

Other Creative Ideas

Looking for other ideas on how to reuse your old pizza boxes? Here are another five things that could keep your busy during the summer months.

  • Make a fort: You might need quite a few for this one so you best eat!
  • Create a piece of art: Time to get creative with your colouring pencils and paints and use #PJArt on social media to show us your skills.
  • Create a fan: Is the heat getting to much for you? Get creative and turn an old pizza box into your own personal hand held fan.
  • Make a laptop protector: Now you can watch a movie or even work in the sun! Remote working is definitely the way forward these days.
  • Anyone for tic-tac-toe: Time to get competitive and make this old school game your own way!

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