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BBQ Cheeseburger

BBQ Cheeseburger

Loaded first, is a generous dollop of our signature BBQ sauce. Then a double helping of spicy beef, pickles, sliced tomatoes, onions and cheese, all on a fresh dough base. It’s the mouth-watering taste of a cheeseburger in every bite!

Better Ingredients

Fresh dough

100% fresh, hand-thrown: the foundation of the Papa John's legend

Fresh Tomatoes

Our succulent fresh tomatoes are sliced by our pizzaiolos in-store every day

Spicy Beef

Delicious beef with the added heat of chilli – to get your tongue tingling!

Allergen Information


Gluten, Wheat, Mustard, Milk

May contain:

Egg, Soy, Celery, Suplhites

Nutritional Information