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Complete the steps to create your perfect pizza. You can combine any of our great crusts, sauces and up to seven toppings.



Cheese Type Pick an option

Toppings Single £1.40 / Double £2.80

Anchovies X
Bacon X
Barbecue Drizzle X
Black Olives X
Chargrilled Chicken X
Cheese X
Chilli Powder X
Feta Cheese X
Green Chilli Peppers X
Green Peppers X
Ham X
Italian Style Sausage X
Jackfruit "Pepperoni" X
Jalapeno Peppers X
Mushrooms X
Onions X
Pepperoni X
Pineapple X
Pork Sausage X
Real Italian Cheeses X
Red Onion X
Red Peppers X
Spicy Beef X
Sweetcorn X
Tandoori Chicken X
Tomatoes X
Tuna X
Vegan Sausage X
Vegan Sheese® X

To help protect customers and staff from the spread of COVID-19, we have put the following measures in place:

  1. We are no longer accepting orders for collection; please select 'Delivery'
  2. All deliveries are now contact free; we'll call you when we're outside, place your delivery on top of an empty box and wait for you to collect it
  3. We are no longer accepting cash payments
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