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All the Meats™

All the Meats™ Pizza

Papa’s John’s fans have voted this their all time number one pizza. Is it the piquant pepperoni, succulent sausage or crispy bacon that we stack on this super meaty pizza that makes it so popular? Or is it the sizzling spicy beef, chunky ham and fresh mozzarella cheese? Let your tastebuds decide.

Better Ingredients


Smoked back bacon cooked to crisp perfection


Sliced and cooked to a crispy perfection, our pepperoni has a spicy kick of flavour

Pork Sausage

Our pork sausage is a popular topping with meat-lovers

Spicy Beef

Delicious beef with the added heat of chilli – to get your tongue tingling!

Allergen Information


Gluten, Wheat, Milk, Mustard

May contain:


In the box:

Free Special Garlic dip

Nutritional Information