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let's end

Christmas is better shared. That’s why Papa John’s is proudly supporting the Crisis charity in their ongoing battle to end homelessness for good and support those in need over the festive period and beyond. Our message is simple: let’s all come together and make this Christmas better.

try one of our
festive feast meal deals
from £19.99

Give something back this season, grab any of our festive meal deals and 50p from every feast ordered goes to the Crisis charity – good Christmas karma!

festive meal
only £19.99

Choose any large pizza & 2 classic sides.

festive meal upgrade
only £20.99

Choose any large pizza & any two sides, including Chicken.

it's here!
our limited edition
festive box.

Ready to journey into the wintery wonderland on our bespoke-illustrated, festive box? Great! Order the Festive Feast pizza today to get your own snowy masterpiece. Check out the new characters, can you spot them all?

the new festive pizza.
The best way to eat Christmas dinner

Christmas dinner on a pizza? Hell yeah! All the festiveness yum in one slice with our red wine gravy base, turkey meat balls, mozzarella, and seasonal veg and a drizzle of Cranberry sauce. Looks like pizza, tastes like the best roast dinner ever

our festive treats.
why not, it's Christmas?

It’s the little things that make Christmas a real cracker. Browse our full festive menu to find all those extra special trimmings. You’ll fall asleep on the sofa in no time.

Meet Penny

Penny the Penguin met the love of her life on Christmas Day in 2014, after a young boy introduced them, but she gave him away the very next day. She retreated into the cold to set up a life for herself next to a lake, but still finds herself reminiscing over her cold fish dish for one.
  • Likes
  • Action movies, Christmas Day and nights out with the girls
  • Dislikes
  • Walruses, speed dating and food served in a bucket
  • Favourite pizza
  • Medium CYO with Tuna & Anchovies

Meet Yanni

After a long gap year of soul searching and solitude, Yanni The Yeti realised all he really wanted for Christmas was to be back at home in the Pennines with his folks...and his life size cut-out of Mariah Carey.

  • Likes
  • Online Gaming, D Double E and play fighting with little dragons
  • Dislikes
  • Damp caves and bad puns - no FOMO here
  • Favourite pizza
  • XXL Festive Feast

Meet Stan

Living out on the ice, friends are hard to come by. But when Stan The Snowman tried making mates out of snow, the banter was disappointing. After many meltdowns he finally realised he needed to get off his mound and extend his friendship circle at a few parties.
  • Likes
  • Cold, Vanilla Ice and funky house
  • Dislikes
  • Being given the cold shoulder, open flames and climate change
  • Favourite pizza
  • Large Sausage and Pepperoni

You share a gift.
we donate the profits.

Crisis needs all the support they can get this Christmas to help end homelessness. That’s why every penny of profit from our festive gift range goes straight to Crisis. So go on, take a butchers and help us make Christmas better for everyone.