What Makes The Deep Crust Pizza so Special?

Pizza has been around for more than a century. It has fans all over the world, from Naples, to Nantucket. But whether you’re an occasional eater or a true obsessive, sampling a deep crust pizza is taking a bite from history itself; from a dish that originally started life back in 1940s Chicago in the grand U. S. of A. But, what makes the creation of the deep crust pizza so special?

Creating a true crust

Papa John's Deep Crust Pizza

A Papa John’s Deep Crust Pizza

A thin crust pizza isn’t really cooked on anything specific. However, the deep crust is prepped in dedicated pans – proper pizza pans. These cast iron containers don’t have handles so they’re whipped in and out of a piping hot oven with specialised tools instead. Also, each Pan gets a fresh portion of delicious butter oil to create a great caramalised crust during the bake. The result? A true, deeply cooked crust that tastes better every time.

True layers

A real deep crust pizza has layers – and that’s just not something that a thin crust can support. First, the crust, and then a protective layer of cheese. After that a layer of meat so that the juices can soak down through the cheese and into the crust. Follow that with more cheese, more meat, vegetables and herbs. The result? A little slice of layered heaven and a deeply satisfying taste.

Seriously cooked

Thanks to modern ovens and kitchen equipment, thin crust pizzas are often cooked in record time – in and out of the oven in around just 4 minutes! The deep crust takes a little longer at 6 minutes, which doesn’t seem like much, but it’s a labour of love this pizza and you can taste every ounce of effort that has gone into creating it, from that first delicious bite. The 6 minute cooking time enables the dough at the bottom to get nice and golden and crispy, the meat to cook and the cheese to melt and ooze. The result? Some serious pizza perfection that no one could accuse of being a flash in the pan.

Toppings galore

A Deep Crust Pizza With Garden Party Topping by Papa John's

A Deep Crust Pizza With Garden Party Topping | Papa John’s

It’s a sad fact that the average thin crust pizza struggles under the weight of more than a cheese and tomato topping. That makes it specifically a plate-necessary dish. Not the deep crust pizza however, which has been specifically designed to hold as much of the good stuff as possible. Add what you will to that sturdy, fried crust – mushrooms, pepperoni, sweetcorn, chicken and more mozzarella than you can shake a stick at – the deep crust will stay strong. For those who truly love their toppings the deep crust is a stand out winner!

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