Why Pizza & A Movie Make The Perfect Night In

We’ve passed the Winter Solstice on 21st December (that’s the shortest day of the year people, keep up) but the nights are still long and dark. Although, of course, that doesn’t have to be a bad thing – if you know how to make the most of them that is. Pizza and a movie is a classic option for a winter night in and can lift the winter blues, too, especially if you’re feeling the cold weather and in need of some cheesy cheer.


6 reasons you’ll want pizza with a movie tonight…


You don’t have to go outside… I mean, who really wants to leave the house at this time of year? Not us. Pizza is the ultimate food for anyone loving their sofa right now – delivered direct to your door it’s the perfect partner to a seasonal movie binge.

comfort food pizza

You won’t miss any of the action… you know the drill, you decide to make food for a movie night in, miss most of the film waiting for the oven timer and then feel so knackered by the whole thing you don’t enjoy what you’re eating or watching. The solution? Pizza to go with your movie. No time in the kitchen – and, most importantly, no washing up.


No effort required… what is it about staying in wearing your favourite PJs and not having to do anything with your hair that makes downtime so special? Order a pizza to go with your movie tonight and you can indulge in the ultimate night of relaxation with absolutely zero effort required. All you have to do is make sure you have something half decent on to answer the door to the pizza delivery guy – the rest is up to you.


Sharing is caring… whether it’s housemates, family, friends or loved ones, sharing food while watching a film together feels a little bit special. And if it’s date night and you’re trying to impress but your cooking isn’t up to much the pizza and film combo is always a winner.

pizza to share


Comfort food 101… winter is eminently improved by comfort, that’s hard to argue with. Many a night can be made better with a film you love and some delicious treats. Pizza is, of course, the perfect comfort food – whether you’re home alone or with someone else, indulge in a pizza combo and all your winter cares will melt away with the mozzarella.


The film and pizza combo is a natural fit… in fact, if you’re really keen on the theme you can always enjoy pizza on and off screen at the same time with a movie that features pizza – we recommend the classics ‘Mystic Pizza’ or ‘Wayne’s World.’

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