How Getting A Pizza Delivered Can Lift The Winter Blues

It’s official: pizza delivery is a bona fide cure for the winter blues. Well, maybe not official but if you’ve ever tucked into a delicious slice of cheesy, mouthwatering pizza after a hard day in the cold and dark you’ll know that it has a seriously uplifting effect. Plus, what other reasons do you need to order a pizza right now?! If you’re looking for ways to justify a pizza delivery tonight then there are some very good reasons why this is the perfect time of year to enjoy your favourite slice.


A little bit of what you fancy does you good

Pizza Delivery by Papa John's

What tastes better than a delicious hot pizza delivered to your door?

It does, doesn’t it? You’ve had a fraught day at work, you’ve waited ages at a cold bus stop, the heating didn’t come on so your home is freezing and you haven’t seen daylight from your windowless office for a week. These are the things that make winter hard to bear. So, what could be better than pizza delivery for dinner to lift the spirits – no preparation, no washing up and delicious taste delivered right to your door.


Just the smell of pizza can boost your joy

According to researchers who carried out an experiment on a party of pizza lovers who were monitored by cameras, the smell of pizza makes us feel happy. During the experiment, the level of joy of the partygoers peaked at the moment they could smell the pizza. In fact it went up by 24%.


Pizza is a shortcut to serotonin

Papa John's Dough

The perfect pizza dough to help lift the winter blues

According to science, when we digest starch like that in a pizza dough our bodies are flooded with carbs. This produces an insulin reaction, which levels out amino acids and pushes them out of the bloodstream into the body’s tissues. What’s left in the blood is the tryptophan from the carb, which then makes it directly to the brain where it can trigger the production of serotonin. Obviously it’s a little more complex than that but basically, it’s what make pizza a great comfort food and of course, pizza = happy (we’ll just go with that).


It’ll make you want to share

If there’s one thing that makes humans happy it’s other humans. Not all of them of course but we all have our favourite ones. If you’re ordering pizza delivery then it’s a great excuse to share, whether that’s your housemates, your friends or the rest of your family. Just order the pizza(s) – there are plenty of choices for every different taste) and get everyone together for a winter blues beating fun pizza party.


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