Introducing Papa John’s Deep Crust Pizza!

All of us here at Papa John’s are proud to introduce to you our new range of Deep Crust Pizzas. Each Deep Crust Papa John’s Pizza is made with fresh dough and fresh ingredients every time; just like all the pizzas on our menu. Available with all your favourite toppings, every Pan pizza is handcrafted fresh by our pizza makers.

Pizza Dough

Preparing Our Fresh Pizza Dough

What makes Papa John’s Deep Crust taste so good?

Here at Papa John’s we have spent five years in the test kitchen to find the perfect Deep Crust recipe, and we can’t wait for you to taste it! It bakes a little longer than our hand-tossed pizzas, but the extra baking time allows all of the craveable flavours—buttery cheesy crust, hearty tomato sauce, high quality toppings and 100% real cheeses—to meld together for the perfect bite. The caramelised cheese crust delivers a full flavour, full of caramelised crispy goodness and a deeper dough.

To compliment our Deep Crust pizza, we’ve crafted a special hearty Deep Crust pizza sauce featuring fresh, robust, layered tomato flavour with our signature blend of spices and extra virgin olive oil, made with California vine-ripened tomatoes that go from the field to the can in about six hours.

Pizza Toppings

Preparing Our Fresh Toppings

Whichever Papa John’s Deep Crust Pizza you choose, all our ingredients are deliciously fresh to give the perfect flavour. From our succulent fresh tomatoes, to our superb quality olives picked in Spain’s famous Herrera Groves – better ingredients make for a better pizza. It’s that simple!

If you’re feeling in the mood for a deeply delicious treat, then browse our menu and give a Deep Crust pizza a go!

Papa Johns Deep Crust Offer

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