The Different Types Of Pizza Crusts

Indulging in a delicious hot pizza is a treat just about anyone can enjoy. With a practically endless combination of toppings available, the pizza can rightfully stake its claim as one of the world’s favourite dishes. But, the fresh toppings are just half the story when it comes to choosing which pizza to enjoy.

The base and the crust are perhaps the unsung, multi-tasking heroes of pizza. They serve as a platform on which your chosen toppings take pride and place, but also make them easy to eat on the go. The crusts are great for dipping in a whole host of sauces, too, and are just as unique as the toppings that adorn them; with a wealth of different options available that appeal to even the greatest of appetites.

But with such a great range of stuffed crust and thin crust pizzas out there, just what are the differences when compared to each other?

Stuffed Crust

Stuffed Crust Pizza by Papa John's

Stuffed Crust Pizza by Papa John’s

With Stuffed Crust pizzas, our 100% fresh dough (obviously!) is first glazed with garlic & herb sauce, then hand-rolled around delicious, gooey mozzarella to create a hidden delight at the fringes of your pizza toppings. Love cheese? Then this really is the crust of choice for you.

Authentic Thin Crust

Authentic Thin Crust Pizza by Papa John's

Authentic thin crust pizza by Papa John’s.

The classic Authentic Thin Crust is a great choice if you love your pizzas to be lighter and just a little bit crispy. But don’t be fooled into thinking you’d be missing out on flavour compared to thicker crusts! The thinner crust is also packed with flavour and thanks to the more rigid base, great food for when you’re on the go!

Original Crust

original crust pizza

An Original Crust Pizza By Papa John’s

The all rounder that will appeal to anyone’s tastes! Original Crust pizzas are the perfect mix of soft, light dough, herbs and seasoning. Not too thick, not too thin, but always made with 100% fresh dough, every time – just as they should be.

Let us know in the comments which crust is your favourite and if you’re hungry for pizza, check out our latest offers, or perhaps indulge yourself in one of our delicious pizzas