Deep Crust vs. The Authentic Thin Crust: What’s The Difference?

The deep crust pizza is something of a star in the pizza universe. In fact, as we’ve found at Papa John’s, if you don’t have deep crust pizza on your menu then the real pizza aficionados are going to start asking why. But why does everyone love it so much and is it really so different from any other types of pizza crust?

It’s cheesy, buttery and crispy all at the same time

Deep Crust Pizza Dough Being Pressed | Papa John's

Deep Crust Pizza Dough Being Pressed | Papa John’s

If you’ve ever found yourself feeling a little disappointed in your pizza crust, then the deep crust pizza could be something of a revelation. This crust is not just dough to be ditched, it’s as much a delicious part of the pizza as any other mouthful. The pan in which the pizza is cooked is where the difference lies – once the dough is pressed down into our pizza pans this allows a caramelised crust to form along the edges while it’s being cooked. You lose none of the cheese, taste or juice – it all seeps into the delicious deep pizza crust.

The “cheese ring”

Cheese Being Added To A Deep Crust Pizza Base | Papa John's

Deep Crust Pizza Base Being Layered With Cheese | Papa John’s

A deep crust pizza cannot be discussed without a mention of the “cheese ring” – as it’s this that really differentiates it from another type of pizza. At the stage where we would normally sprinkle cheese over the centre of our hand tossed pizzas, when we’re preparing a deep crust the cheese goes right to the edges. So every part of the pizza is covered in delicious melty cheese; including the cheese crust, which delivers a full flavour right to the last bite, full of caramelised crispy goodness and a deeper dough.

A slower cooker

Another difference between the thin and deep crust pizzas is that the base takes longer to cook. With a deeper dough and all that extra cheese to factor in, the deep crust pizza requires extra cooking time to make sure that you get the perfect pizza experience. However, it’s worth the extra minutes as what you end up with is a doughy, delicious centre and a crust that is more like a caramelised crisp.

Toppings delight

A Deep Crust Pizza By Papa John's

A Deep Crust Pizza by Papa John’s

Deep crust pizza is robust – that sets it apart from the crispier thin crust and hand tossed pizzas, which don’t have the same capacity to support those all essential toppings. From hearty vine ripened tomatoes and 100% mozzarella cheese, through to pepperoni, chicken and veggie delights, the deep crust pizza can take any volume of extras you’d care to throw at it. For those who don’t appreciate skimpy toppings, the deep crust pizza creates the ultimate satisfying and delicious eat.

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