6 Reasons Why Deep Crust Pizza Is Absolutely Epic

Iconic golfer Tiger Woods once said, “I don’t cook…not as long as they still deliver pizza.” Now, while we’re obviously in total agreement with the man who remains one of the highest paid athletes in the world, it’s necessary to point out that not all pizzas are made the same. No, pizzas come in all shapes and sizes but, as far as we’re concerned, the deep crust wins every time. Here’s why:

1. The perfect density of dough

dough density

No one wants a pizza that’s topping-heavy so that most of it ends up in your lap. But who wants to eat a pie that tastes of nothing but crust? (hello calzone). The deep crust pizza achieves the perfect ratio of dough to toppings, tomatoes and cheese. It’s the ultimate balanced meal and satisfies where the thin crust just doesn’t cut it.

2. The crusts don’t end up in the bin (or the dog)

This might be bad news for Fido but when you’re eating a deep crust, you’re much less likely to toss the crusts into the nearest receptacle or canine. Whilst thin crust crusts are not to everyone’s tastes, Deep Crusts on the other hand are soft, tasty and a delicious mouthful on their own – no part of the pizza is wasted!

3. Deep crust means generous topping


You just can’t be that generous with a thin crust pizza. If you overdo the cheese, the pepperoni or even the pineapple then you risk ending up with a bit of a mess. Too much topping can soak a thin crust right through or simply fall off it as soon as it’s picked up. So, if you like your toppings to be generously applied it has to be the deep crust!

4. It’s the obvious choice for cheese fanspizza crust

Cheese does not survive the oven well on a thin crust pizza; and cheese is one of the key components of the perfect pizza experience! However, with a deep crust pizza, the cheese is protected, absorbed and less likely to burn out. For dairy connoisseurs there can be no other option.

5. Deep crust pizza is portable

The deep crust pizza has a more robust structure, hence it’s more portable than any other type. So, it’s ideal finger food at parties, it’s perfect for work buffets or eating at your desk and you can even run out of the house with a piece in the morning if there isn’t any toast. Basically, you can take a deep crust pizza anywhere – how convenient is that?!

6. It tastes like heaven

You’re welcome.

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