Thick Vs Thin Crust: Which Is Your Favourite?

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We all love pizza. After all, what’s not to love? It’s a delicious treat. Whether you go for one with all the meats, a spicy number or a classic cheese and tomato, the end result will be the same: pure satisfaction.

At Papa John’s, we’re passionate about making delicious pizza, but there’s something we just can’t agree on: thick or thin crust, which is the best? In fact, it’s the one thing that divides all pizza lovers. We need your help to put an end to this age-old debate.

So which will you pick? We’ve gathered some points to consider before you cast your judgement below.

Authentic Flavour

Our savoury favourite made its first appearance on the dinner plate around 600 B.C. The residents of Naples needed an inexpensive meal that they could eat on the go. Pizzas of all different flavours started to emerge in the city. They had toppings that we still love today, including tomatoes, cheese and garlic.

“So what crust did these traditional pizzas have?” I hear you ask. Designed to be eaten quickly, the first pizzas were very thin, resembling our modern-day flatbreads. For the authentic pizza experience, then, it’s a thin crust all the way.

Are you a traditionalist or do you like to mix things up?

Hot Pizza

Pizza On The Big Screen

It seems as though everyone is keen to get in on the big pizza crust debate. Movie bigwigs have been doing it for years. In fact the disco-loving movie Saturday Night Fever opens to Tony Manero grabbing a slice.

According to the minds behind Back to the Future 2, the year 2015 was going to bring us flying cars, hover boards and dehydrated pizzas that expanded in the microwave.

But what kind of pizzas would they be? Why, thick-crust, of course. Whilst some of the movie’s predictions may not have come true, they did have great taste in pizzas.

As we watched Julia Roberts’ character Liz on her journey of self-discovery in Eat Pray Love we saw her encounter some wonderful sights. Her first stop was Italy, where she tucked into slice after slice of -yes, you guessed it -authentic Italian thin-crust pizza. Well, as the saying goes, when in Rome…

Crunch Factor

Nothing can quite beat taking that first bite of your pizza. But which crust is going to give you more crunch per munch? Well that’s an easy one.
Thin-crust pizzas are notoriously crunchy thanks to their slim and crispy base. They are popular with those on the go who are looking for a lighter pizza choice.

However, thick-crust pizzas are known to be fluffy and soft, making them the meal of choice for bread lovers. Their doughy texture means that they are great for dipping in savoury sauces.

Crust to Topping Ratio

A piece of pizza

A great pizza isn’t just about the crust; it’s also about the delectable toppings. But which base provides the best crust to topping ratio? Whilst it’s true that both crust options offer the same amount of toppings, it all really depends on personal taste.

Because they lack the bulky crust, the tasty toppings on thin crust pizzas are more spread out and so cover more of the base.

With their soft and light dough crusts thick based pizzas are suited to those looking for the ultimate pizza experience. Because the crusts are raised up, the toppings all gather in the middle of the pizza, forming a crater of deliciousness.


It’s true that you eat with your eyes first. Remember when that famous tomato sauce brand launched a green version for Halloween? No-one would eat it.

The appearance of food has a massive influence on how you feel about it. Which crust option appeals to you? Perhaps it’s the texture, the smell or the memory of a perfect pizza from the past that wins it for you.

Cast Your Vote

Now it’s time to pick your favourite crust. Will you vote for thick or thin to win? Whichever one you go for, with Papa John’s it’s bound to be a taste sensation.

The debate about thick or stuffed crusts is one for another time. But if all this talk of crusts has given you a hankering for pizza, why not check out the tempting selection on the Papa John’s website?

Just enter your postcode to find your closest Papa John’s store, pick your pizza and all-important crust and place your order.

Thick or Thin Crust: Which Is Your Favourite?

Join the debate and make your choice known. Check back later to see which crust option comes out on top.

Share your result online and help your favourite crust get a slice of the action.